Don't Struggle Alone

Turn to a professional for therapy and guidance

Healing after any traumatic event can be difficult. You need an expert by your side to help you work through the hardships created by PTSD, depression or anxiety. Moonbrook Mind & Body in Texarkana, AR can help you start to grow again after a traumatic event. Our instructor treats every client with care to help them alleviate their pain.

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How we create personalized treatments

Every person has their own set of unique challenges they're facing. So, you'll want to find a professional who can target the stressors in your life. Many of our clients choose our instructor because she:

  • Provides one-on-one yoga sessions
  • Has a background in social work and mental health
  • Takes the time to understand every clients' traumas and stressors

With a specialization in trauma, pain and stress management, our instructor knows how to guide your therapy sessions to address the root causes of your depression or anxiety.

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5 ways our instructor can help you

You deserve to find relief from your stressors. With a wide range of therapy methods at her disposal, our instructor can help you:

  1. Work through grief
  2. Create a self-care regiment
  3. Relieve pressure through yoga
  4. Develop coping skills for traumatic events
  5. Find an approach to your depression or anxiety

She specializes in eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy and somatic experiencing therapy to target mental and physical points of tension. She also holds a chakra therapy certification and an energy therapy certification. With all these tools at her disposal, she's ready to help you.