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Did you know that Yoga is not just about physical movement? Yoga is a practice that reaches back thousands of years and to our best knowledge, originates in India. This practice has 8 branches, known as "limbs" of practice that reach through various areas of health. You can improve your mental, physical, spiritual, social and emotional health with Yoga. If you're ready to start building your goals, choose our professional yoga instructor from Moonbrook Mind & Body. Our instructor is certified and has years of experience helping clients grow, and she'll be glad to help you, too.

What makes our yoga sessions different

Stepping into a yoga class for the first time is an incredibly intimidating process. Facing this first challenge alone could increase your stress or discourage you from attending a class. Thankfully, we've tailored our classes to address this issue. We provide one-on-one private sessions that allow you to:

  • Address personal issues like pain and posture problems
  • Build basic yoga skills without the pressure of having others around
  • Focus on clearing the mind, reducing clumsiness and increasing focus

Yoga can be dressed down such as meditations, sleep, relaxation, and rest. It can also be dressed up such as exercises known as "power", moderate level flows, beginner builders, or deep muscle postures.

Our yoga instructor can utilize the private sessions to build unique practices for your unique needs.

Benefits of Yoga: Improve:

Mental health:
  • concentration
  • balance
  • pain
  • social connection
  • confidence
  • reduce stress
  • Improve decision making

  • More connected to yourself, other people, nature, your higher power and morals

  • Release worries
  • improve self-care and self-love
  • opens the flow of emotions when you need them
  • Reduces the stressful impact of strong emotions.

  • Better communication
  • clarity of thought,
  • expression
  • Connection to others
  • Energy
  • Motivation, creativity, fun, and productivity.

  • Build strength
  • flexibility
  • pain management
  • corrects posture and balance problems
  • pain management
  • joint support
  • promotes weight loss and metabolism
  • regulates blood pressure and stress levels
  • improves immune system
  • targets areas that need improvement

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